All Rights Reserved © Eye Am Films / Cosanti Foundation                                                   © drawing of "Mesa City" - Paolo Soleri

"Genre and ground-breaking architect Paolo Soleri
remains largely unknown outside of architectural circles,
but his legacy as an artist, builder and
urban theorist is staggering.

Narrated by actor-activist Peter Coyote,
 Aimee Madsen’s documentary takes a close look at
 Soleri’s origins and lifelong labor of love–the 
futuristic city of Arcosanti which Soleri sets
 in the unforgiving desert outside Phoenix, Arizona.
 Inspiring a near cult-like following rivaled only by the passionate devotees of the architectural giant 
Frank Lloyd Wright, Soleri’s city continues to grow
 piece-by-piece long after the death of its creator.
 Soleri is the most interesting architect
 you’ve never heard of."

- Herb Stratford (program director,
 Napa Valley Film Festival) 
TRT: 80 min.

“The film has humor, beauty and 
spectacular cinematography!”
 - Steve Weiss
“Soleri’s life and work have
 been memorialized
 in a beautiful and soulful film.”
- Taz Loomans